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  • Roberto May 31, 18:00Maria will give you, she will also suggest the best places where to eat and drink. I totally suggest anyone taking this tour and I can’t wait to be back in Hydra to take another one with Maria!
  • Thomas Ede Zimmermann Dec 16, 02:03Guide and tour are highly recommendable. We spent an hour and a half walking around Hydra port + vicinity and learning a lot about its history. THANKS TO MARIA for this entertaining and instructive experience.
  • Virginia Oct 26, 02:07Thank you Maria for sharing your passion for your home island. Visiting Hydra with you was truly enjoyable and insightful. You are both very knowledgeable and passionate and the nearly two hours we spent with your flew too fast. You also realized the challenge to keep out 12yo. son interested during the whole tour. I’m warmly recommending your tour to anybody who doesn’t want to miss the best of Hydra.