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Hydra Island

The climate of Hydra is typically mediterannean: temperate, dry, with mild winters and cool extended summers. Hydra today has approximately 2000 inhabitants. At the turn of the 19th century, when Athens was home to about 6.500 inhabitants, the population of Hydra may have exceeded 30.000. The demographics are important for understanding Hydra, it’s history and architecture. Nowadays Hydra’s fame spread beyond the borders of Greece, reaching as far as the other side of the world. All the visitors to the island talk of the pretty harbor with the traditional mansions built spread over the rocky slopes of the surrounding hills. The town of Hydra is built amphitheatrically and it offers a really impressive view. The mansions built by the Hydriots captains with much love, when their merchant fleet ruled the whole of the Mediterranean and brought great wealth to the island… In the days when Hydra was the noble lady of the Argosaronic…!

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The leaders of the Greek War of Independence in Hydra

  • Ghikas
  • Brice morden
  • Tetsis
  • Pavlos Pantelakis
  • Periklis Vizantios
  • Nikos Nikolaou

Leading artists of Hydra

  • Andreas Miaoulis (1796-1835)
  • Georgios Sahtouris (1783-1841)
  • Georgios Voulgaris (1758-1812)
  • Georgios Kountouriotis (1782 -1858)
  • Iakovos Tobazis (1722-1829)
  • Lazaros Kountouriotis(1769-1852)
  • Anastasios Tsamados (1774-1825)
  • Georgios Sahinis (1789-1864)
  • Antonios Ekonomou (1785 -1821 )
  • Antonios Kriezis (1796-1865)