About Hydra

Hydra is a rocky and barren island ,which lies approximately 6 nautical miles South of the Argosaronic Gulf and 35 miles from the port of Piraeus.The western side of the island is full of pine trees and beautiful paths , suitable for hiking.The length of the island is 12 nautical miles , the width 3 nautical miles and the area of the island is 48 square kilometers.The mountainous nature of the terrain with many sheer rocks and Ere (592 m.) , the highest peak , transform the island in to a defensive fortification , a fact wich influenced the course of history through the ages.

About Me

Maria Voulgari

I was born  and raised in Hydra. I have a bachelor’s degree from the Historical and Archaelogical University of Athens  and  a certification  in cultural management from the same university. During the winter I am a tutor. I teach  history, ancient Greek,  Latin and classical literature . Historical research  and  the history of Hydra are my passions!

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